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Lofty the Lion

The official mascot for Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Lofty the Lion is one of the longest serving mascots in football, he arrived fifteen years ago at Burnden Park and has represented Bolton Wanderers every match day ever since. He is adored by Wanderers fans young and old, his name originates from from Bolton legend Nat Lofthouse.

Lofty can be seen patroling the edge of the pitch during matches at the Macron Stadium often provoking the opposition but usually motivating the Wanderers supporters. His  signature move is the 'Lofty Muscle Flex', he shows his strength in a series of body building poses.

Lofty is a household name accross Bolton having appeared at thousands of public events over the years.

The ' Lofty Muscle Flex'

Can you copy Lofty the Lions signature moves? Watch the video below for your step by step guide:

Look out for Lofty at the next match!